Ici offers a varied selection of homemade candies and cookies daily. Visit our candy and cookie counter to see what we have been cooking up. The selection changes often but some things you may find at our counter:

  • Chocolate-almond dragee (pronounced “draw-zhay”) toasted organic almonds, coated in a crunchy caramel, then enrobed in bittersweet chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder.

  • Candied seasonal ORGANIC citrus peels dusted with sugar.

  • Crunchy nut brittles based on classic peanut brittle, these are sweet and crunchy with a hint of salt. Made in many flavors like rosemary-pine nut, cinnamon-pecan, cashew-orange, hazelnut-cocoa nib & traditional peanut.

  • homemade peppermint marshmallows; pillowy puffs of homemade marshmallow.

  • a selection of cookies like pecan Mexican wedding cakes, cardamom-semolina butter cookies, chewy gingersnaps, double chocolate chip, coconut macaroons, and vanilla bean shortbread.

  • Fresh meringueS crisp, sweet, melt in your mouth kisses of meringue. Made in many flavors like hazelnut, chocolate chip, espresso, matcha and rose pistachio.

Most treats are available as party favors. Call the shop for details.


Ici proudly brews Blue Bottle Espresso. The espresso is roasted locally and delivered very fresh so come on in to the shop and enjoy a delicious cappuccino or an affogato.